I TEAM: Video shows what happened in deadly RTA crash

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained exclusive video showing what happened when police say an RTA bus driver plowed into a woman in a downtown crosswalk. Joan Keundig later died.

The crash happened in December. And just last week, Cuyahoga County Prosecutors indicted the bus driver, Antoinette Peterkin.

Video cameras on the bus recorded what happened. You see Peterkin driving through downtown around Public Square. But at one stop sign, she never makes a complete stop. She then hits the woman and sends her flying.

We also noticed, after the crash, Peterkin sat in her driver’s seat for about 30 seconds before going out to check on the victim. When she did go over, she checked on the woman briefly and then backed up clearly upset. Peterkin then sat down, and a bystander checked on the victim and called 9-1-1.

Cleveland Accident Investigators found Joan Keundig had made it a good distance across the crosswalk before getting hit by the bus.

Peterkin is now facing a charge of aggravated vehicular homicide. She has been fired by RTA.

In her termination letter, RTA pointed out that Peterkin called what happened “an accident”. And, she said her “heart breaks every day for the pedestrian and her family.” However, an internal RTA committee found the crash to be preventable.

Reviewing Peterkin’s personnel file, records show, last year she hit the mirror of another bus. Also last year, her file shows she hit an SUV. And in 2014, the file shows she hit a car with the bike rack of a bus.

The I TEAM tried reaching Peterkin multiple ways for this story. She goes to court next week to start defending herself against criminal charges.