‘I couldn’t believe he was right there:’ Beer vendor talks about the moment LeBron grabbed a cold one

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HIRAM – A fun moment at a Cavs game is going viral and even leading to discounted beer, thanks to an off court play by King James and a woman selling a cold one.

“I was very shocked that it was like LeBron James,” said Allison Vannoy. “I couldn’t believe he was right there almost touching me. It’s pretty crazy.”

Vannoy’s back was turned to the court when LeBron snuck up behind her and grabbed the beer she was holding while pretending to take a sip.

“The whole crowd started cheering and people were pointing at me asking if this was the beer bottle,” said Vannoy.

“My momentum just took me over to the sideline,” said LeBron James during a post game press conference. “I’m not gonna run over our beer lady. And she had one in her hand, so I took it out of her hand. But, I’m not much of a beer guy. If she would’ve had some red wine, I definitely would’ve taken a sip.”

Vannoy is not just a “beer lady” at Cavs games, she’s a basketball player as well. She is a star guard on the Hiram College Women’s Basketball team, leading her team to a winning college record this season.

“I went to go pick them up from the game and I pull up on the side of the road and they come running in the van and Allison pulls out this beer bottle,” said Coach Emily Hays. “She’s like Coach did you see me?”

Vannoy still has that Great Lakes Brewing Company beer bottle and has no plans of letting it go.

The company is offering a discount on two beers Tuesday only thanks to LeBron.

Vannoy’s new-found fame isn’t going to her head. Instead she’s got advice for the King.

“I hope to see you tomorrow, LeBron,” said Vannoy. “Defend the land.”

The Hiram team works in partnership with the Cavs at certain games to raise money for their basketball trips.

Vannoy says she will make sure to have some red wine with her for game two against the Toronto Raptors just in case she comes face to face with her idol again.

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