Who killed their son? Family continues to search for answers 10 years after murder

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EUCLID, Ohio -- For ten years, one question has haunted a Northeast Ohio family: Who murdered their son?

Family and friends gathered at the Cleveland Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Highland Hills Wednesday afternoon -- the final resting place for 27-year-old Jermayne Mitchell.

"We just want to be able to bring some closure, so we can go on to the next step in the journey of our lives," said his mother, Vivian Mitchell.

A decade ago, April 26, 2007, Jermayne was shot to death as he walked home from a store with a friend on Knuth Avenue in Euclid. Police believe robbery was the motive. His friend, who moments earlier had crossed the street to speak to a woman, was not hurt.

"By the time we heard, he was in surgery I guess, cutting him open, said he didn't look good; then, a few minutes later, we get the call that he had lost too much blood and he didn't make it," said his mother.

"A part of me died then, naturally with my son," said his father, Rev. Henry Mitchell.

The lead detective on the case retired late last year, but police say they are still committed to bringing Jermayne's killer to justice.

"It would be wonderful if someone knew something and they would come out from behind the curtains and just say what they know because every little piece that you think is not important could be the piece of the puzzle to bring a solution to his murder," said Jermayne's mother.

Jermayne had a six-month-old son when he was killed. Jermayne's parents say their son loved cars and rehabbing homes.

"We had great dreams and aspirations as he got older, but unfortunately when April 26, 2007, it ended all our hopes in that regards; it's been devastating for me," said the father.

"I just want to thank the Lord for allowing my brother to be part of my life for 27 years," said Jermayne's sister, Nakia.

Jermayne's family says they look to a higher power for strength and patience. They released balloons to the heavens.

Euclid police say they have new insight into the case. Detectives say although the murder remains unsolved, detectives have not given up hope that they will get the tip that can crack the case.