NFL Draft: Who will the Cleveland Browns take with the first overall pick?

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PHILADELPHIA– The work continues in and around the big stage ahead of Thursday night’s NFL Draft. The Cleveland Browns are holding the biggest secret in all of sports: Who will they take with the first overall pick on Thursday night? Will it be the player labeled the ‘best’ in the draft or will it be the pride of Mentor, Mitchell Trubisky?

Myles Garrett is labeled as the best player in the draft and comes with the most upside. The Browns hired a new defensive coordinator in Gregg Williams during the off-season. Garrett would fit nicely into a system that under-performed last year. Let’s face it, getting after the quarterback has been a problem for the Browns; they could use a 6-foot-4, 272-pound defensive end to fix that problem.

While Myles Garrett may be the Browns’ pick, some believe that the former Friday Night Touchdown Player of the Year, Mitch Trubisky could be Cleveland’s choice at number one. Cleveland has been searching for its franchise quarterback for a long time; is this the year they finally get him? If they don’t get him at number one, will they be able to draft him with the 12th overall pick? Those in Mentor don’t think so.

“My gut tells me that he probably won’t be there for the Browns at 12 and they’ll have to work to get him. I’m just hopeful that he goes someplace where he’ll get his shot and where ever he goes he’ll be successful,” said Mentor High Athletic Director Jeff Cassella.

The NFL Draft kicks off at 8:00 on Thursday night from the city of Brotherly Love.

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