‘Thank you for your courage!’: People showing how grateful they are to McDonald’s worker who called in murder suspect tip

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ERIE, Pa.-- People are showing how grateful they are to the McDonald's worker who called police Tuesday after recognizing the Facebook murder suspect.

Many are taking to social media saying the employee deserves the $50,000 reward in the case.

Some are also sending flowers to the restaurant in Erie, Pennsylvania, with messages that say, "Thank you for your quick thinking and courage. You are an example for our community!"

There was a nationwide manhunt for Steve Stephens after he shot and killed Robert Godwin, Sr. in Cleveland on Sunday.

On Tuesday morning, Stephens came through the McDonald's drive-thru and, according to owner Thomas DuCharme, Jr., that worker recognized the suspect and told the supervisor and DuCharme.

DuCharme went to the window and was trying to stall the suspect while the police were called.

Stephens eventually took off, and after a brief chase with police, shot and killed himself.

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