Lyft driver talks about being attacked by two passengers

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LAKEWOOD -- A local Lyft driver beaten and even bit by two men in Lakewood spoke out about the ordeal.

It happened just before midnight Friday outside of Riverwood Cafe on Detroit Avenue.

Byron Larrosa of Sheffield Lake said James Seacrest, 23, and Andrew Brown, 24, refused to get out his car.

"One of them pushed me on their way. I got out of the car.  One of them pushed me; the other did a mixed martial arts move and tried to take me down at my legs.  The other one proceeded to punch me a couple times in the head and I let the other guy go and that's when he bit me on the neck," Larrosa said.

Several witnesses helped pull the attackers off the driver and that's when police said Seacrest smashed out the back window of Larossa's car.

Seacrest and Brown were arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

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