Bratenahl police work to find suspect who crashed stolen Jeep and survived

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BRATENAHL, Ohio-- Police in Bratenahl are trying to solve a mystery: What happened to a fleeing suspect who vanished after crashing a stolen Jeep at Dead Man's Curve?

Authorities said they assumed the man who badly injured or killed in the crash, but he somehow survived and got away.

An officer tried to pull over the suspect early Tuesday after noticing fresh damage on the SUV. Police said the man refused to stop and sped westbound on the Shoreway. With the officer close behind, the driver reached Dead Man's Curve and crashed.

A search of the area revealed some discarded cash heading to the highway overpass.

"There is no way that he walked away from this," the officer said on the dash cam video. "He's gone."

Investigators said they hoped something inside the Jeep would help them identify the suspect. The vehicle was reported stolen out of Cleveland Heights and nearly every items inside was stolen as well.

Police said the air bag likely saved his life, but he probably has some facial injuries. Based on the severity of the crash, authorities said they believe the man will have to seek medical attention.