Man who died in fiery crash on SR 176 believed to be escaped robbery suspect

Off-duty officer shoots man breaking into his home in Lakewood

LAKEWOOD, Ohio– An off-duty officer shot a burglar who was inside his home Wednesday morning, the Lakewood Police Department says.

The officer, who works for the Cleveland Metroparks Rangers, called police just before 7 a.m.

“I just had somebody break into my house… I did shoot at the individual,” he told 911 dispatch. When asked if he hit the suspect, he replied, “I don’t believe so.”

Other residents in the area of Grace Avenue and Franklin Boulevard also called police to report hearing gunfire.

The suspect fled, but Lakewood police found him about a block away. He suffered a gunshot wound to his shoulder and was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center.

Charges have not yet been filed against the suspect.