Homemade slime craze oozes into northeast Ohio

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CLEVELAND - Gooey homemade slime is the latest craze sweeping the nation. It's likely your child's latest obsession, but the do-it-yourself recipe, often containing Borax and liquid glue, could be dangerous for children.

A Massachusetts girl suffered second and third degree burns after making a homemade batch. Fox 8 checked in with University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children's to learn if slime is safe to make.

"If parents are going to let their kids do this they need to go online and find out what the recipe is and make sure the child adheres to the recipe," said Dr. Lolita McDavid the Medical Director for Child Advocacy and Protection at the hospital. "So that they're not doing things they shouldn't be doing."

Doctors say under supervision, homemade slime should not pose any significant health risks to children whipping up a batch.

The craze is lighting up social media sites like YouTube and Pinterest, becoming so popular that the parent company for Elmer's Glue recently announced they're upping production just to keep up with demand.

It's a trend employees at Blick Art Materials in Cleveland Heights have seen first hand the past few months.

"People are coming in for it so much more frequently now," said Blick store manager Justin Will. "Glue is the main component - we do kind of sell through some. I know our home office is bulking up a lot of our supplies on that shipping out more."

Even the Great Lakes Science Center is getting in on the fun. Resident Scientist often makes small amounts for children to play with at the science center. He tells Fox 8 he's still getting used to the slime's sticky texture.

"[It feels like] You're preparing raw chicken mixed with some jelly," said Dante Centuori. "It's hard to explain, that's another reason why it's so popular."