I-Team looks for justice after man who can’t speak or hear is attacked, carjacked

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The FOX 8 I TEAM is trying to get some justice for a man knocked down and carjacked even as he’s battling multiple handicaps.

Felix Teskac struggles to walk; he’s deaf, and he can’t speak.

But last Saturday afternoon, he got attacked while pumping gas at I-71 and West 150th. And despite his handicaps, Felix Teskac had used his car to make a living driving for a ride-sharing service.

Felix communicated with the I TEAM using sign language, text messages, and hand-written notes. He told us he was pushed down, and it happened, “Too fast.”

A witness rushed to help. The witness didn’t want to be identified, but he told us, "All I saw was the old guy's car just sped off, smoke billowing from it." He described the carjacker by saying, "A coward. It's a coward 'cause you have tons of cars to choose from and you choose the helpless guy. The guy who can't defend himself."

Felix showed us his car is specially designed to be driven just with his arms. And he showed us, on his phone, his work profile tells customers he is hearing-impaired. He even has a camera rolling behind the windshield.

What about any security video of the attack? The I TEAM went into the gas station, and we were told we can't see the video. Only police. Meantime, we've learned the attack happened just out of the view of a camera, so the video may not be that much help to the case anyway.

Felix says police recovered his wallet, empty, and they found his phone on the east side. He’s grateful to God knowing this could’ve been worse. And he’s thankful strangers at the scene helped. But his future as a driver is now unclear.

If you know anything that might help get justice, call the Cleveland Police First District Detectives at 216-623-5118.