Firefighters shave heads in support of co-worker’s toddler who is battling cancer

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RICHMOND, Va.-- When firefighters in Richmond, Virginia, learned their co-worker's son was battling cancer, they surrounded him with love and support.

Three-year-old Caleb Lambert was diagnosed with stage 3 neuroblastoma in February.

Caleb's dad, Courtland Lambert, who has been a firefighter 15 years, immediately told his co-workers of the battle his son was facing.

"They've been working shifts for me so I don't even have to use my time. The fire (department) is a brotherhood and a sisterhood. I'm glad that it's been there for me when I needed it," Lambert told ABC News.

The support has grown. The Richmond Fire Department has raised over $45,000 for the family, and over the weekend, the firefighters shaved their heads to benefit their buddy, Caleb.

The fire department posted about the wonderful event on its Facebook page.

The family is so very grateful for the support.

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