Uncovering the mystery behind the baby found outside vacant home

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CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-Team is revealing the hard life of a baby who made headlines after a woman claimed she found the child outside a vacant home. And we’ve uncovered new information raising questions about that woman’s claim.

Sunday night, Cuyahoga County social workers turned to the I-Team and the public. A woman called a hotline saying she had found a baby crying outside an abandoned home near 78th Street and St. Clair Avenue. Social workers needed to identify the child and find the mother.

Shortly after FOX 8 put out the child’s picture, the county says the mother came forward.

But a police report shows, the woman who claimed she found the child waited nearly four hours to call for help for the little girl. And then, the woman did not call 911. Again, she called a children services hotline.

Meantime, court records filed Monday by social workers say, the “mother left the child with an inappropriate caregiver.” The mother cannot provide for basic needs for the child, she does not have stable housing, and the father is a minor.

The woman who claimed she found the baby took her to an apartment building. A man at the door of that unit said he wasn’t around at the time. Then he gave us a wrong phone number for the woman. We also called another number for her. A man answered and said he had just bought that phone and didn’t know the woman.

The court records were filed in advance of a hearing set for Tuesday. Social workers want a judge to keep the baby in temporary foster care as this gets sorted out.

Cleveland police child abuse investigators are also looking into the case.

News about the baby has exploded on social media. Many people are angry seeing a precious child in the middle of something like this, and many have spontaneously offered to take in the child.

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