‘I’ll have the frosted donut, please,’ says Tallmadge K9 officer

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TALLMADGE, Ohio – Sure, sure, we all hear the jokes about how much police officers love their donuts.

But do ALL police officers love donuts?

Here is the answer:

Axel, the Tallmadge Police Department’s K9 officer, has shown us┬ádefinitively that yes, police doggies love their donuts too.

Judging by the picture it looks as if his preferred variety might be the frosted with sprinkles. (Hmm…we kinda thought he might go for the “filet mignon” variety.)

But either way, good choice, Axel!

Enjoy that treat!

And in case you might be wondering how Axel worked up the appetite for the donut, his human partner shared this very fun training session from earlier that same day: