A twist on corned beef: Irish Tacos!

CLEVELAND, Oh -- Corned beef can be very versatile in recipes and Chef Paul Ondo from Giant Eagle Market District proved that fact with a recipe he shared with Fox 8's Stacey Frey.

Irish Tacos uses all the flavors that you typically expect to accompany corned beef, but puts the ingredients together in a unique way. Click here to learn more about area Giant Eagle Market District stores.

Irish Tacos

Makes 4 servings

8-8” Flour Tortillas
1# Cooked Corned Beef (thinly sliced)
1c. Sauerkraut
1/2c. Thousand Island
1c. Shredded Swiss Cheese
1c. Potatoes (cooked small dice)
1/2c. Chopped Scallions
Salt & Pepper to Taste
Heat up tortillas, corned beef, potatoes, and sauerkraut.
Fill tortillas with all ingredients and serve hot.
You can add or subtract components to the Tacos.