High winds cause ‘Giraffe Cam’ to go down! (Don’t worry, it’s working again)

HARPURSVILLE, New York — “Is this thing on?”

That was the question keepers at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York imagined April, the pregnant giraffe, asking as the live web camera went offline during yesterday’s high winds.

April and her partner, Oliver, got to enjoy some time outside. Keepers said April preferred to linger in her doorway.

In a post on Facebook last night, the park said “All is well in Giraffe Land!”

“Allysa, our zoologist, and lead giraffe keeper was able to get hands on with April and make “contact” with baby once again this evening (and morning),” the post said. “Be patient world — I think we are all being taught a lesson here!”

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