‘His blood all over me:’ Family demands answers for man killed after police chase

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LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio-- "I can’t imagine life without him,” Amanda Pauley said about her boyfriend of 10 years, Roy Evans, Jr. “He was everything to me and my kids.”

Roy Evans, Jr. (Family photo)

The loved ones of Roy Evans, Jr. said they are trying to cope with his death, two days after he was shot and killed. They said Evans was wrong for speeding away from cops Tuesday morning, but they believe he should be in jail, not shot and killed.

Evans was killed in front of his three children and girlfriend after leading Strongsville police on a high-speed chase with the family in the car. Now, the family said they want justice.

“I see that man’s face every night when I close his eyes,” Pauley said. “I’ll never forget the vibrations of the gun. I’ll never forget the man I love falling, his blood all over me.”

On Thursday, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation confirmed what Pauley immediately told FOX 8: There was no weapon in the car when Evans was shot.

"I knew my son didn’t have a weapon,” Joy Evans, Roy’s mom said. “He’s never carried a weapon. Never had weapons charges.” Roy’s father, Roy Evans, Sr. added, “I had no doubt. My son never hurt anybody unless he had to defend himself.”

BCI said they are now investigating if the van was used as a weapon.

Roy Evans, Jr. (Family photo)

“The van was stopped,” Pauley said. “So if they would have shot him while driving then the van could have been used as a weapon, but we were completely stopped. That cop had no right to open the car door and shoot him twice in the chest.”

The family said for now, they’re just trying to remember the good times they had with Roy Evans, Jr., but they won’t give up the fight.

”I hope they continue to investigate,” Pauley said. “I hope they give him a fair investigation and I hope the cop that did what he did pays the price.”

”I will never, ever get to hug my child again, “ Joy Evans said. “I won’t have Christmas or anything with my child again, but I’m going to make it. I will see that justice is served.”

Strongsville police are not making a comment while this BCI Investigation is ongoing.

The family is working through funeral arrangements now. They have set up a GoFundMe page to help them raise money.

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