‘Cleveland Chain Reaction’: How you can get involved

CLEVELAND-A huge investment is about to be made in Cleveland, and you can watch and participate in all the action.

Today, kicks off a chance to find the next big thing in CLE.

The opportunity was a concept backed by <a href="http://fox8.com/tag/lebron-james/">LeBron James</a>, called "Cleveland Hustles," with local business owners hustling to get their idea off the ground.

Now, the show is sparking a new venture. It's called "Cleveland Chain Reaction" with local businesses and investors hoping to continue the success of "Cleveland Hustles" and the impact it had on the community.

The series will be hosted by our own Kenny Crumpton.


The idea is a partnership between COSE, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and GlazenUrban, and FOX 8 is getting involved, too.

"Cleveland Chain Reaction" will go into a new neighborhood and choose four businesses and four investors to be featured on FOX 8 News, and we will follow their progress.

Investors with "Cleveland Chain Reaction" say this is not only an opportunity to capitalize on what they learned on "Cleveland Hustles," but it's also an opportunity to provide advice and support for small business owners.

It will also bring more jobs and four new businesses to the area.  And, one of the biggest parts of this announcement is that the entire city can get involved. People can suggest their business or their neighborhood to be featured.

For the CLE Chain Reaction Facebook page, click here. 

For the Cleveland Chain Reaction website, click here. 

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