April the giraffe has active night; Baby watch continues

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HARPURSVILLE, NY– Keepers at Animal Adventure Park in Upstate New York are overwhelmed by questions about April the pregnant giraffe.

April had an active night on Monday, but finally settled in for a few good naps. Keepers said there were no physical or behavioral changes.

Many people have reached out to Animal Adventure Park with their concerns. According to the park, the giraffes do go outside, but the conditions have to be right. If the ground is frosted, that’s a fall risk for these lanky creatures.

Keepers explained the nightlight in April’s pen isn’t keeping her up at night. Giraffes are prey animals, so they only sleep for short periods of time to keep themselves safe. The light is equivalent to a full moon and ensures that April doesn’t deliver her baby in total darkness, keepers said.

Some people are worried that workers at Animal Adventure Park don’t interact enough with Oliver, April’s partner. Oliver is a young bull giraffe. According to staff, he is motivated by food and his hormones so it can be dangerous for workers to be in his pen. A giraffe’s primary defense is its kick, which is capable of breaking the jaw or skull of a lion.

The pens are spot-cleaned about twice a day, then thoroughly cleaned every two to three days.

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