16-year-old Cleveland girl recalls terror as man tries to lure her into van

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CLEVELAND - A 16-year old girl shares her story after she says a man tried to abduct her while she was walking to a bus stop. Cleveland police say she was not the only person who reported the suspicious man and his vehicle.

"I was at my friend's house and she had walked me to the bus stop and when she had left, the bus wasn't coming," said the girl, who did not want to be identified.

She says around 7:30 p.m.Tuesday, she was waiting for a bus near East 116th Street and Buckeye Road. After a long wait, she decided to walk further down Buckeye Road to another stop. That's when a white work van pulled up beside her.

"That's when I had started running and he followed me and cut me off, and I went behind his car and started running again, that's when he came, he reversed and came back off of the street that he turned on and that's when he came back towards me," she said.

The teenager says the man in the van continued to follow her, speeding up and slowing down until she got near the corner of East 102nd Street. Fortunately, the teen says several people driving by noticed she was in trouble and stopped to help.

"Another man had pulled up in his car and he was asking to help me, but I ain't want to get in the car with him either because he was a man," she said.

Then she says a woman pulled her car up to the side of the man's van.

"He had seen the car coming, so he had like left, like he just speeded off down the street, then that's when she had pulled up and asked me did I need help or something," said the girl.

The girl says she jumped in the woman's car. That woman drove her home.

"She asked me what happened...she asked me did, like, did he touch me or something, I was like, no he didn't even roll the windows down, he didn't say nothing at all, he just was following me," the girl said.

The man who first stopped to help tells Fox 8 he tried to track down the white van, but could not. The girl says she could not get more of a description.

"I wasn't thinking about nothing else, I was just thinking about how should I get away from him, like where to go," she said.

The witness also says he noticed that the rear light on the driver's side of the van was unusually bright.