Teen hands out 600 Valentine’s roses to every girl at his high school

HOLMEN, Wisc. –  A Wisconsin teen wanted to make sure that every girl in his high school got a remembrance on Valentine’s Day, so he decided to buy every single one of them a rose.

He wound up buying 600 roses.

Zack Peterson told WKBT that he knew that a lot of his female friends would be sad if they didn’t get flowers.

So he went into action to make sure they all got a rose. It took weeks of planning and prep and cost $450, but he did it.

The flowers were ordered directly from Ecuador and given out at the school to the delight of all the girls. And Zack didn’t stop at students – every lady in the school, from lunch workers to guidance counselors also got a rose. Oh, and his mom got a bouquet too.

“He’s got the biggest heart,” his mom, Rachel Peterson, said. “He doesn’t do things for a reaction, he does them because he’s truly, truly kind.”