Beautiful photo shows rescue dog snuggling up to new mom

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PHILADELPHIA -- A dog showed just how grateful he is to his new mom, and the beautiful moment was caught for everyone to see.

Kayla Filoon, 20, was walking dogs at an animal shelter in Philly when she saw a pit bull sitting in his kennel.

Filoon told TODAY, she took the pup named Russ into the yard at the shelter to play. "He would not stop cuddling with me. I fell in love."

A short time later, she adopted Russ.  Now, a photo, taken by Filoon's friend, has gone viral. It shows Russ snuggled up to his new mom while she does her homework.

"He has not even been with me for two weeks yet; however, the bond that we have is incredible. He does not leave my side," Filoon told TODAY.

**Kayla shared with FOX 8 News the wonderful photos in this story**