InterContinental Hotel employee robbed, assaulted while retrieving parked car

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — An InterContinental Hotel employee says he was robbed at gunpoint while retrieving a vehicle for one of his employees Tuesday night.

Cleveland police reports state that it happened at just after 10 p.m. on Jan. 31.

The victim told police the car was parked on East 101st Street. He said he went for his co-worker because he was afraid she might get robbed if she retrieved it.

He said he walked east on Cedar Avenue and then turned south on East 101st Street. He said something made him turn around, and when he did he saw two men running up to him.

Both pulled out guns and one said, “Give me the money.” The men then started to check his pockets and took his iPhone, wallet and the car keys.

One of the men then struck him in the face with a gun and both suspects ran away.

The victim then ran away from the scene, using an emergency box in a Cleveland Clinic garage to call police.

The men did not make off with the vehicle.

One of the men was described as wearing a beige-colored worker style jacket and black pants. He had a short-length mustache and was carrying a sawed-off style shotgun.

The second man was wearing all black and also had a short mustache. He was carrying a semiautomatic handgun.

The Cleveland Clinic issued the following statement:

“Last night an employee of the InterContinental Hotel was the victim of an armed robbery and assault by two assailants on E. 101st St. near Cedar Avenue. This is a matter we take very seriously and it is currently under investigation by the Cleveland Police Department in coordination with Cleveland Clinic Police. We are thankful the hotel employee is safe and encourage anyone with information about this incident to contact the police.”