Brunswick football player threatened for kneeling during anthem gets full scholarship

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BRUNSWICK, Ohio-- The Brunswick High School football player who was threatened after kneeling during the national anthem received a full scholarship.

Rodney Axson Jr. signed a letter of intent to attend Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina on National Signing Day Wednesday morning.

The quarterback said he heard his teammates using the "N" word before a game on Sept. 2. He told them the language wasn't appropriate, and decided to kneel and pray during the national anthem.

"I heard two of my teammates say they feel they need to call Austintown-Fitch a bunch of 'N-words' every chance they get, every other play," Axson Jr. said in September.

In the days following, Axson Jr. received hateful and racist messages via text and Snap Chat. According to the family's attorney, Avery Friedman, some Brunswick football players and their friends threatened to "lynch" Axson Jr.

Brunswick City Schools responded by saying "Racial slurs and hate speech have no place" in the district. School officials suspended students, but allowed them to return to the football team.

But Friedman, in a news release on Wednesday, criticized the school system for not helping the teen.

"Notwithstanding the destructive behavior of Brunswick school officials over the past year, Rodney overcame and prevailed today," Friedman said.

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