Hit-and-run driver leaves 72-year-old woman paralyzed

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AKRON, Ohio -- Ben Jamison says when he arrived at the scene of a crash at the intersection of East Archwood Avenue and Moore Street on Thursday he wasn't even certain if the woman who was hit was going to survive.

Doshie Gulley, 72, was on her way home from a hair appointment when she was hit by a man driving a Cadillac SUV who appears to have run a stop sign well over the 35-mile-per hour posted speed limit on the residential street.

The collision jarred the tailgate completely off of her Buick Rendezvous and sent it spinning into a utility pole.

"The rear hatch was across the road. All her belongings were completely blown out of the vehicle," said Jamison who works for Johnny's Towing.

The Cadillac SUV was also badly damaged and on its side in the street. Its driver took off running, leaving Gulley permanently paralyzed.

"She didn't deserve this; she was minding her own business. She was driving home from getting her hair done; she didn't deserve this," said Gulley's daughter, Jennifer Walker, who has been with her at Akron General Medical Center since the crash.

Gulley is retired from a career of public service during which her daughter says she devoted her time to working with people who have been developmentally disabled.

Walker says her mother will now be the one who needs help.

"Now because of the cowardly act of a careless, negligent irresponsible individual my mother's independence has been stripped away and her life forever changed as she is now permanently disabled."

Gulley was undergoing lengthy surgery on Monday to stabilize her spine.

Police were also continuing to try and identify the driver who is responsible.

Akron Police Lt. Rick Edwards said that as of late Monday afternoon the Cadillac had still not been reported stolen. Investigators were trying to work with the owner to identify the person who was driving at the time of the crash.

"I know he left my mother there. I know he hit my mother's car; she spun seven or 8 times and she hit a tree. I know that he left my mother there; other than that, it is under investigation," said Walker.

"He hit her so hard that he knocked her gold hoops out of her ear lobes," added her daughter, who wore one of the earrings as an inspiration to her to do whatever she can to help find the person responsible.

"If this was your family member what would you want?" Walker told Fox 8.

"Wouldn't you want justice? Wouldn't you want the person that changed their life forever, who put them in a situation, the position that they are going to have to be dependent on, somebody else to take care of them, wouldn't you want that person apprehended? Well that's how I feel and this (the one earring that was found) is my motivation."

Walker also wanted to thank the many people who have offered prayer, encouragement and support for her mother, explaining that she is drawing strength from her faith.

"Though angry, I am reminded that God said in 2 Corinthians, Chapter 4, 'We are trouble on every side yet not distressed, perplexed but not in despair, persecuted but not forsaken, cast out but not destroyed.' In those verses, as in many others, we seek refuge and encouragement to continue on; by the same token, we seek justice for this senseless act against my mother," said Walker.


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