Woman, two daughters attacked: ‘No one came out to help’

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CLEVELAND -- A woman who has spent years helping victims of violence, became a victim herself.

Laura Cowan and two of her daughters were viciously attacked on a Cleveland street, Monday evening.

One of the daughters said, "I looked up and saw three men stomping me and kicking me. I saw my sister run over to help. Right then, I was scared for her because I knew this was a fight we were never going to win."

The sister and her friend went to the corner of Dove and East 120th Street to help a friend. But soon after they arrived, the attack happened. They do not know what provoked it.

Laura Cowan is a violence victim herself.  She has dedicated her life helping other victims. But she was shocked by the neighborhood reaction to the assault. She said nobody came to help.

"No one came out to help. Nobody. We could have been killed and left there for dead. By the grace of God. Violence is all around us," Cowan said.

The attack took place in councilman Zack Reed's ward. He was at the community meeting where the women told their story. He told Fox 8 News, "You cannot arrest your way out of violence."

He called on community members to do more to protect each other.