Cleveland assistant law director pleads not guilty to public intoxication charge

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- An assistant law director for the city of Cleveland has pleaded not guilty after a Thursday night arrest.

Christopher Heltzel was arrested after officers responded to a parking lot at Mayfield and Kenilworth roads for a man behaving in a "bizarre manner."

Police found Heltzel sitting in a Volkswagon playing loud music and flailing his arms.

Heltzel admitted to drinking earlier in the evening and his breath smelled like alcohol, the officer wrote in the report. He asked several times why he was being questioned and didn't understand why the police were there.

Officers determined he was intoxicated in a public place and was causing an inconvenience to others. Heltzel was arrested for disorderly conduct/voluntary intoxication, and taken to the Cleveland Heights jail.

He was charged with public intoxication.

Cleveland spokesman Dan Williams would not comment, but said Heltzel is an assistant law director with the city.

Heltzel declined to go on camera, but told FOX 8's Melissa Reid that he was simply sitting in his car in the parking lot of his own apartment complex.  Heltzel also wanted to clarify that while the police report indicates he was "flailing his arms wildly," he was simply air drumming.

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