I TEAM: uncovering more mystery surrounding local police shooting

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HUDSON, Ohio - The FOX 8 I TEAM is uncovering more about a deadly police shooting in Hudson last month as an officer shot and killed a law student who’d come to Northeast Ohio from the Middle East. And the new developments add to the mystery.

An officer shot Saif Al Ameri 5 times. Investigators have said he crashed on the turnpike, got out and ran off into the woods, then got into some kind of struggle with officer Ryan Doran.

The I TEAM has learned, 6 weeks after the shooting, the officer still has not given a statement to the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Dominic Vitantonio, a lawyer for the officer, said no decision has been made yet on whether or not the officer will speak to investigators.

Meantime, the Summit County Medical Examiner is testing to find out if Al Ameri had any drugs or alcohol in his system. And we’ve learned the tests have now been sent to a second lab. The Medical Examiner’s Office says some cases need more detailed testing.

The Ohio Highway Patrol has now completed its crash report. It includes witness statements. One said, Al Ameri “...got out laid down then stood up…” Another said, Al Ameri, “…attempted to get up several times…Eventually he was able to get up and run.”

A trucker earlier told the I TEAM, "And I looked in my mirror, and I see this guy running across the three lanes while his arms were flailing over his head."

Inside Al Ameri’s car, the Highway Patrol report lists things such as cellphones, ID’s, credit cards, “booster pills” and more.

Dan Leffler, a union lawyer, wouldn’t get into specifics, but he predicted the investigation would show the officer followed his training. Leffler said, "There is a continuum of force and one of those is initially a show of force that you're trying to get compliance from a suspect."

Agents from the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation are doing the follow-up, and their agency will not say how long it may take to get to the bottom of what happened. In the end, a grand jury will likely decide if the shooting was justified.

Officer Doran will remain on paid leave until the investigation is over.

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