Cleveland Metroparks Zoo mourning the loss of Bebac the gorilla

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Bebac (Photo courtesy: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo)

CLEVELAND –  The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is mourning the loss of one of their gorillas.

The zoo announced that Bebac, a 32-year-old male, passed away Friday. Bebac had been diagnosed with heart disease in 2008, but keepers at the zoo were able to help him live a happy life and managed his health for 9 more years.

In a Facebook post the zoo admits that “This is an extremely difficult loss for everyone connected with Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.” Judging by many of the comments left on the sad post, Bebac was a very popular gorilla and had many human friends and fans.

The zoo is suggesting that as a way to honor Bebac and his memory, everyone head to their Gorilla Conservation page and take action to save Eastern gorillas. There are a number of way to help, including reading about dangers to the gorillas, donating and advocating for laws such as the END Wildlife Trafficking Act.