Bitter cold stalls search for Lake Erie missing plane

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CLEVELAND - For a second time in one week there will be no search and recovery efforts for a downed plane carrying six people.

Search efforts last Saturday were cancelled due to poor weather. Friday, officials announced weather conditions would not facilitate a search this weekend as well.

"I think the weather is not helping anything right now," said Michael Reiff who has been following updates in the investigation. "Hopefully they can recover everything."

During a press conference Friday, Cleveland officials leading search efforts announced they discovered possible human remains along with debris believed to be from the small plane. The plane's cockpit voice recorder was also found, which could help explain why the plane went down shortly after takeoff at Burke Lakefront Airport.

Despite no planned searches on Lake Erie this weekend, investigators say if anyone discovers debris along the shoreline to call them immediately:

Anyone seeing debris should call the non-emergency number of the Cleveland Division of Police at 216-621-1234 or Burke Lakefront Airport at 216-781-6411.

"You would never think a small flight leaving from Cleveland to Columbus would end in something so devastating," said Jimmi Pintiello, who is hoping the victims are found soon.

Several memorial services are planned next week in the Youngstown and Columbus area for the four members of the Fleming family on board the plane. Recovery efforts are expected to resume at daybreak Monday.

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