Ex-Cleveland radio personality faces more charges

CLEVELAND– A former Cleveland radio producer is now facing charges for scamming potential tenants of a rental property, prosecutors say.

Joseph G. Spooner, better known as J.G. Spooner, was indicted in April on counts of money laundering and aggravated theft. Investigators said the 36-year-old claimed to collect money for a woman with cystic fibrosis, but instead pocketed thousands.

He pleaded guilty last month and has not been sentenced.

On Thursday, Spooner was indicted on two counts of theft in a second scam. According to Cuyahoga County court documents, he took rent payments from seven people for a house in Cleveland he didn’t own. The alleged crimes happened between July 28 and Oct. 22.

Spooner was a producer at 92.3 The Fan and the in-arena host for the Monsters hockey team.

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