‘Major transformation’ coming at Epcot, says Disney official

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ORLANDO, Fl. — An official with The Walt Disney Company says there will be a “major transformation” coming at Epcot.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that while Epcot is now a mix of a museums, ethnic marketplace and theme park, Disney plans to transform it into more of a theme-park feel.

“It will be more Disney,” Disney’s parks and resorts chairman Bob Chapek said at an event earlier this month. “It will be even more relevant than it is today… And, at the same time, it will stay true to our original vision. Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come on Epcot.”

Recent changes include a new “Frozen” ride this past summer. It replaced the “Maelstrom” attraction. Most of the Innovations pavilion has also closed.

There is no timeline on when the new changes are coming or any further details about what the changes will involve.

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