Cleveland homicide rate tops 100 for third year in a row

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CLEVELAND - There are still five weeks left in 2016 yet Cleveland has already tied the amount of homicides for all of last year.

According to Cleveland Police statics this is the third year in a row where the amount of homicides surpassed 100.

City councilman Zack Reed says it's a trend no one should get used to.

"At this rate we're averaging two to three homicides per week. That's nowhere near normal," said Reed during a phone call.

This year police say there have been 121 homicides. The highest amount in the past decade was in 2007 at 134. One of the latest homicides will force a two-year-old girl to grow up without a father.

A makeshift memorial was assembled early Sunday morning for a man family asked Fox 8 to identify as Tez along the 2800 block of East 116th street. Police say Tez and another man were shot Saturday afternoon. Tez later died at the hospital.

Details about the shooting investigation are limited.

Milton Bradford, pastor of Good Hope Baptist Church says the violence has to stop.

"It saddens me because we think guns are the answer," said Pastor Bradford. "It's a lack of people having a reverence and awe for God, knowing God is the giver of life and only he has the right to take it away."