Weekend winds send huge tree into Bay Village home

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BAY VILLAGE, OH  - When the temperature dipped and winds howled Saturday, few people felt it more than one unlucky family in Bay Village.

"It was the ice storm and oh the hail was coming down that night," said Michelle Pietron. "So windy just scary."

Fierce winds caused major trouble sending Pietron's tree crashing into a neighbor's home, smashing through the roof into the bathroom and kitchen.

Pietron says both the homeowner and his son were inside at the time.

"His father is deaf so he can't hear," said Pietron. "He wouldn't have even heard anything. If he was in the kitchen he wouldn't even know what hit him."

No one was injured, but the crash has neighbors second guessing their luck. Pietron says they will take more precautions with the surrounding trees on Eagle Cliff Drive.

"The kitchen ceiling is all caved in, the bathroom upstairs is as well," said Pietron. "Their son was getting ready to take a shower or else he would be dead right now."

The homeowners tell Fox 8 damage is estimated around $40,000 or $50,000 dollars.