Richland County Sheriff looking for owners of funeral urn found in creek

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BELLVILLE, OH – The Richland County Sheriff’s Department has a mystery on its hands, and is asking for help in locating the owners of a funeral urn found in a creek.

On November 4, a deputy was called to out to an area near a creek near Rule Road in Bellville because a worker in that area had found an urn in the water under the bridge.

The urn is inscribed with the name “Casey Shaun.” Below the name are the dates “June 28, 1986  April 15, 1998.” A series of etched hears are below the dates. The dates indicate that the urn holds the remains of an 11-year-old that the sheriff’s office believes is a young boy.

The sheriff has checked with the local coroner, the local health department and has done a search for the names listed on the urn, but has been unable to locate the owner. They would  like to return the urn to the young man’s family, and are asking for help in finding them.

Anyone with information is asked to please contact Captain Don Zehner at or 419-774-3563.