Ed Sheeran gives hospital bedside performance for 9-year-old girl

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SURREY, ENGLAND – Melody Driscoll has a rare brain disorder that keeps her in the hospital 80 percent of the time. The disorder keeps her from walking or talking and she wasn’t supposed to live past the age of 4.

But Melody is 9 now, and according to her mom Karina, one of the biggest Ed Sheeran fans on earth. Melody heard Sheeran’s music about a year ago and made an instant connection. That’s when her  mom started a campaign to get Sheeran to visit Melody.

It worked!

Sheeran showed up at the hospital and sang his hit song “Photograph” to Melody, who didn’t quite believe it was really him at first. “Then when he was singing to her, that was it she knew he was the real deal and was the happiest I have ever, ever seen her in her entire life,” Karina says.