They will never be forgotten: Memorial for victims of unsolved murders in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Over 150 family and friends gathered Thursday night to remember the victims of unsolved murders in Cleveland.

"It is to have a shared experience with people who have stood in each other's shoes and especially around the holidays. It's a hard time for families that have suffered a traumatic loss," said Eileen Zatta, with Frontline Services.

The Cleveland Police Department and Frontline Services hosted a memorial at the Third District police station to honor those whose cases are still open.

"To let them know that we haven't forgotten about them. That their case is not just sitting on someone's desk. And to let them know that they have support," said Deputy Chief Ed Tomba, with the Cleveland Police Department.

One by one, an ornament was hung on the tree bearing the name of a loved one and the date of the incident.

"I'm here because my granddaughter was murdered last August 23rd," said Adrienne Boddy, of Cleveland.

Brionna Boddy was shot and killed last year while boarding a party bus on East 86th and Kenmore.

"I'm here for James Lee C. Howard. He was murdered on Christmas Eve of 2011," said Veronica Howard, of Cleveland.

James' body was found in an abandoned home on Hoda Avenue.

There was a candlelight service and a prayer.

Members of the homicide unit were also there so that families could get an update on the cases.