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Here’s why you might not want to use your Bluetooth in a rental car

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If you've ever rented a car, you know how easy and convenient it can be. But, did you know that there is a hidden risk inside most rental cars that can put you and your personal information at risk?

Bryan Safara, research analyst at Secure State in Cleveland, says every time you plug your phone into an auxiliary cord or Bluetooth, the rental car is storing your data.

"ItĀ also downloads your contacts, your address book, your text messages and emails, and any call logs you make during that stay; that information stays there," he said.

Meaning, all that personal information is just sitting there, waiting around for the next renter to find it.

So, what can you do to protect yourself?

"Best one is just don't do it. The data won't be there if you don't connect it; you can go to the settings and delete it or do a factory reset," Safara said.

**FOX 8's Melissa Reid has more in the video above**