Downtown CLE could be very busy Friday night due to Trump protest

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Downtown Cleveland could be more congested Friday night, as hundreds of people are expected to participate in a protest against President-elect Donald Trump.

Tuesday night in Akron, hundreds joined demonstrators across the country who have been protesting Trump's victory against Hillary Clinton on Election Day.

"You're gonna meet a thousand or more other really positive, insightful people who think the same things you do, and hopefully you'll leave feeling really good about, you know, there's some hope in this awfully hopeless week," said Marty Krebs.

Krebs is one of the organizers of a protest to be held on Public Square in Cleveland Friday evening. The protest will continue with a march to Cleveland State and back. Krebs says it is to protest the president-elect's rhetoric during the campaign.

"Keep the pressure on; remind them the incoming administration, that we're here, even in the newly red state of Ohio. We're still here and expect us to make some noise," he said.

"Don't be afraid. We are going to bring our country back, but certainly don't be afraid," Trump told “60 Minutes” during an interview on Sunday.

The President-elect urged protesters to give him a chance to unify the nation.

"If Hillary had won and my people went out and protested, everybody would be saying 'oh, that's a terrible thing,'" Trump added.

"If they want to demonstrate, they're gonna demonstrate, but I just hope it's peaceful," said one woman walking downtown.

"Even when the Cavs games are on, it's kind of difficult when we leave at 5:30, so I can just imagine how it's gonna be tomorrow,” said a man.

"He seems like a decent chap. It's a beautiful nation. You've got a fantastic place here; move to live together," said a man visiting Cleveland from Australia.

Krebs says demonstrators plan to be respectful and obey all laws. Thursday evening, the group's Facebook page showed nearly 900 people plan to attend and 2600 were interested.

"I'm expecting 500, but I'm preparing for about a thousand or 1,200 people," he said.

The rally is expected to end back at Public Square at 11:00 p.m.

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