‘I just started crying’: Woman makes incredible diamond donation to charity that helps to better others

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Alex Sheen started the non-profit "Because I Said I Would" in memory of his dad.

Not because of something that he said, but because of what his dad did, and that was always keep his word.

“He didn't influence me by sitting me on his knee and saying what promises mean; he led by example," Sheen said.

After just three years, Sheen has spoken to thousands of adults and children around the country and started local chapters of "Because I Said I Would."

They've also sent out more than five million promise cards, where people are encouraged to write out a promise for self-improvement, improving their world or holding true to their values.

Sheen says a promise kept-- no matter how small-- makes the community and that person better. And that message was very well-received by a woman in Las Vegas.

“She told me that she had something that she wanted to give me. I ran back to my hotel room to get my stuff because we were going to have lunch because she was already a donor and she said, 'I want to give you this diamond,'" Sheen said.

And what a diamond:  5.5 carats, center cut The value? Over $235,000. The diamond is tucked away safely in a bank until it can be sold.

"I literally and I’m not embarrassed to say that I just started crying."

For a relatively upstart non-profit, Sheen says this gift will allow them to do more character education in schools though lesson plans and clubs, and expand their adult chapters to encourage keeping personal promises and volunteering in their communities.

It's like a new start and a way for Sheen and his small staff to continue to keep a promise to make things better.

“It's something that's ubiquitous across cultures-- politically left or right, religious or non-religious; we all understand the importance of a promise."

For more information about "Because I Said I Would," head right here.