Family of murdered bartender grieving, looking for answers

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CLEVELAND--There are still no arrests after the October murder of a local bartender. At the same time, family and friends of Missy Brinker are still trying to come to grips with their tragic loss.

People gathered Sunday at the VFW Hall 387 on W. 140th in Cleveland to raise money for the Brinker family.

Dozens came for a hot meal and to show support. Money is needed for funeral expenses.

Police say Brinker was shot and killed after a robbery at Cooley Lounge on October 25th. She was trying to call 911.

Brinker's mother and boyfriend just ache after the loss.

"They took my life from me, I don't even know how to go on right now, I literally think what am I supposed to do, I ask her every single morning, what am I supposed to do today, it's sad," Matt Soos said.

"I just feel that her life, it wasn't her time to go, she had so much life left in her," said Brinker's mom, Ginny Staso.

Brinker's family tells Fox 8 they are hoping for justice in this case and ask anyone with any information to call Cleveland police.