Get ready to watch the skies: Meteor shower and brightest supermoon since 1948

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CLEVELAND– The sky will put on a show in the next few days.

The biggest, brightest supermoon of the century will be visible on Nov. 14, if the clouds cooperate.

Research astronomer at Cleveland State University Jay Reynolds said the moon will appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter. This is the first time since 1948 that the moon will be this close during a full moon. That’s why it’s called a super-supermoon.

Then on Nov. 15 and Nov. 16, check out the Leonid’s meteor shower. Reynolds said this is the best meteor shower of the year so take the family outside to have a look. There will be lots of chances to wish on shooting stars.

You can also catch Venus, which will be the very bright object in the southwestern sky.