Cleveland, Chicago youth baseball score a World Series win with cities’ mayors

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(Photo: Chris Gibilisco/FOX 8 News)

CLEVELAND – LeBron James has to wear a Cubs uniform when he goes to Chicago in December, because he lost his World Series bet to Cubs fan Dwyane Wade.

And Cedar Point has to change the name of a roller coaster for one day. 

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel didn’t exactly have a bet going on the outcome of the series, but they’ve decided that the historic pairing of the Indians and the Cubs deserves an “after-bet,” so to speak.

So each mayor has decided to pledge $1,000 to youth baseball organizations in the other’s city.

For Mayor Jackson, The Historic League Park is his youth baseball project. And for Mayor Emanuel, his Playball initiative, which is run through the Chicago Parks Foundation, gets the call.

They talked about their idea in a release issued on Sunday:

“The recently concluded World Series was more than just a great show for the sport, it was a great show of sportsmanship,” Mayor Emanuel said. “It’s in that spirit that Mayor Jackson and I are continuing our support for each other’s cities, their fans and youth baseball players.”

“Mayor Emanuel and I have agreed to give back to each other’s city in the same way our cities have been uplifted by the two best teams in professional baseball,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “I can think of no better way to demonstrate this than to donate to Chicago’s Playball initiative.”