Michael J. Fox congratulates the Cubs with Back to the Future reference: ‘Only off by a year, not bad’

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – Following the Chicago Cubs’ historic World Series victory over our Cleveland Indians, actor Michael J. Fox took to Twitter to congratulate the team with a reference to his film “Back to the Future II.”

Fox wrote, “Only off by a year, not bad. Congrats @Cubs. This is so heavy.”

The tweet is a reference to the 1989 “Back to the Future” sequel which was set in 2015 and featured the Cubs as World Series champs after they defeated the fictional Miami Gators.

Entertainment Weekly adds that last year, Back to the Future writer Bob Gale told Sports Illustrated why he picked a Cubs win as a major plot point in the movie.

“I’m from St. Louis originally,” he said. “I’m a big baseball fan. You grow up in St. Louis, you automatically become a Cardinals fan. And of course I always followed the Cubs because how could you not? With the Cubs folklore of being the lovable losers that never get there, it was just a natural joke to say, ‘What is the most absurd thing that you could come up with?’”

For the record, some other Back to the Future Part ll predictions have come true as well: drones and hoverboards, for instance! But not the flying cars. Bummer.