Battleground Ohio heats up on last weekend before election

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CLEVELAND - As the race for the White House tightens many voters are still undecided about who to trust or even if their vote matters.

"I've never seen such campaigning and things said and disapproval on both sides," said voter Joann Bell.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has accused the system several times of being rigged. Pat McDonald the director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections says that couldn't be farther from the truth.

"Absolutely not; we do not have rigged elections," said McDonald. "I have not seen any election fraud. I want the voters of Cuyahoga County to know to have confidence that we are transparent. The vote is safe secure and it will be counted."

The latest CNN data shows battleground Ohio now leaning Republican. McDonald says Clinton's effort to garner star power during a Friday Jay-Z concert did not translate to a substantial amount of actual votes.

"It wasn't overwhelming, it wasn't a significant impact but we did get some of those voters," said McDonald. "Then yesterday prior to the concert some trickled in as well."

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections estimates at least 4,000 early voters cast their ballot Saturday. Trump supporter and Pastor Darrell Scott of Cleveland Height's New Spirit Revival Center says Ohio is not just leaning towards the Republican Party. He argues Trump alone is the reason the race is tightening.

"I think Ohio is leading Trump more than it's leading it towards the Republican Party," said Pastor Scott. "I think Donald Trump is the draw for the ticket; he's the magnet."

Pastor Scott says he will be with Trump as the final election results are calculated. He says he has not always been a supporter of Republican presidential candidates but has been friends with Trump for the past six years.

"He's not a sexist," said Pastor Scott. "He's not a xenophobe, he's not anti-Muslim, he's not anti-anybody he's pro-American and they're taking his pro-American dialogue and discourse and turning it into divisive rhetoric."

Cleveland Browns great and Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Brown doesn't agree. Brown says he's with Clinton. He spent Saturday campaigning for her throughout Ohio. Brown says Clinton is everything Trump is not.

"There are clowns and buffoons and I think Donald Trump takes pride in that," said Brown. "He should not be someone that sits in the highest office this country has to offer."

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