Lakewood company contracted to make Indians championship T-shirts

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LAKEWOOD-From the champagne, to the hugs and tears.

The Cleveland Indians locker room celebration after winning the American League Championship was a scene to remember.

And, we can pretty much expect a bigger celebration after a World Series win; only this time, the team’s attire will be an exclusive original.

The Indians World Series Championship T-shirts will soon go into production at Madison Graphics in Lakewood.

In business since 1988, the family owned company was awarded the Major League Baseball contract to create the shirts.

Owner Ron Salim says, "We have a great relationship with all the big licensees across the country, including Major League Baseball and the NBA. They count on us, they rely on us, we get the job done for them."

Five-thousand of the t-shirts will be printed on industrial machines, roughly 350 an hour, beginning Wednesday night.

The much sought after shirts will then be on big box store shelves come Thursday morning.

But Salim says the image on the front will remain top secret until the final out.

"Majestic sportswear, you'll see their logo on all the baseball uniforms, they work with Major League Baseball and they come up with the designs, give them to us in strict confidentiality."

The company printed the teams ALCS championship t-shirts back in 1997 and was also awarded the championship t-shirt contract with the shirts never seeing the light of day.

But the company says this will be our year.

Graphics printer Christy Bonner says, "Just to be able to see it before everybody else and to be able to print them is pretty cool."

"I love the fact that we're in it. I love the fact that we're battling a good team and I'm very confident we're gonna win this tonight," said Salim.

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