Fox8 GoatPro brings some ‘good’ bad luck down at Progressive Field

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CLEVELAND -We are sending the Cleveland Indians good vibes and today we brought in a Billy Goat to help their winning mojo.

We put a GoPro to the top of the goat's head so he can show the view of the ballpark and outside the plaza of Progressive Field.

*****See it for yourself in the video above*****

For background, legend has it that a Chicago tavern owner named Bill “Billy Goat” Sianis pronounced a curse on the club on October 6, 1945 when he took his good luck charm goat to a Cubs game and ushers wouldn't let the goat in.

“The Cubs ain’t gonna win no more!” he declared.

And the Cubs have never been to the World Series since.

They're in the World Series now.....but they haven't won it yet, have they?

Go Tribe!

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