Big enough to cancel classes? What happens if the Indians win the World Series?

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CLEVELAND- All of Cleveland wants to see another victory parade but if it happens during a school day some of the biggest Indians fans may miss out.

"Go Indians," said a little girl wearing a sparking Cleveland sweater.

The kids of Cleveland will likely be inside the classroom in the event of a World Series parade. Fox 8 took to the streets to get parents take on if schools should close to allow families to enjoy the potential parade together.

"Definitely that would be so fun! My kids love sports," said one mom.

"It's history they should be a part of it," said a man walking downtown on Euclid. "They should see it and explain to them why this will be something they will remember all their lives."

"This hasn't happened in their lifetime. So it's be great for them to experience that," said an Indians fan.

FOX 8 checked in with half a dozen major school districts including Cleveland who all say school won't be cancelled for a parade.

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"Tell them to lighten up. It's the World Series; it's the Tribe," said a Tribe fan.

"We haven't been to the World Series in 68 years," said another Indians fan. "I think it would be a great thing to let everyone participate. Who knows when we can do it again."

Cubs fans, who were spotted in the ballpark, say Indians fans shouldn't celebrate yet.

"The Indians don't have a  shot," said a Cubs fan who took the overnight bus from Chicago to Cleveland for game 6.

Other Cubs fans say the Indians shouldn't be concerned with a parade and school cancelling with two games left in the World Series.

"I'd rather see them in school than a parade but I don't think there's going to be a parade in Cleveland. You've already had one this year, said a fan.

Cleveland is ready to party. Fans say there is always room for another parade.

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