1948 Cleveland Indians usher hopes history repeats itself

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AKRON, Ohio - Growing up in Cleveland, Joe Barrett loved everything about baseball. He played on the streets of his neighborhood using buildings and curbs as bases.

For all of his 94 years, he has also loved the Indians and can still name most every player on the 1948 team, the last time they won the World Series.

Barrett was 26 years old when the Indians last won the World Series and he was there as an usher in the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

"We used to wipe the seats off and they would give you a nickle or a dime or something like that now they don't do that but I enjoyed it because I was going to John Carroll and I had to get a part time job," said Barrett.

The 1948 Indians won the World Series in 6 games, defeating the Boston Braves 4 games to 2.
Barrett remembers the crowd going crazy, but says there were no parades.

For him it was still a very special year in Cleveland and a day after being the oldest person to undergo a specific heart valve surgery at Summa Akron City Hospital he was hoping for history to repeat itself.

"I'll tell you with that pitcher they got if he pitches like he has been pitching all they have to do is get some runs for him," said Barrett.

"We wanted to make sure that his heart valve procedure went well yesterday because he says if we win tonight hes going to be jumping up and down so we want to make sure he is OK for that," said Dr. Eric Epinal, who performed Barrett's surgery.

Barrett says he knows what Chicago Cubs fans must be feeling.

"I felt sorry for them, but not that sorry," he said.  After suffering through the ups and down of Cleveland Indians baseball since ushering at the ballpark in 1948 what he cares most about is seeing another title in Cleveland.

"Wait till next year is all you are saying," he said, concluding, "no, next year just arrived."

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