You’ll never guess who owns ‘Go Tribe!’ phrase

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WESTLAKE, Ohio -- You hear it at every Cleveland Indians game:  "Go Tribe!"

However, "Go Tribe" is actually owned by Nick Martello, of Westlake.

Martello says he was developing a product called Cool Wraps back in 1995.

"We wondered if 'Go Tribe' was available.  So, we contacted the Secretary of State in Columbus.  Low and behold, it was available.  So I drove down that night, and first thing in the morning, we got the name 'Go Tribe,'" said Martello.

And it's been his ever since.

"It's amazing.  It's probably the most widely known and historic tag name for a baseball team in the United States," said Martello.

Martello has to re-register the phrase every five years.

In fact, he renewed this January.

So, do the Indians have to pay Martello every time they say, "Go Tribe!"

Technically, Martello could go after them, but he never has.

"I'm a Clevelander, and I'm just proud they are using my phrase," said Martello.

In addition to his Cool Wraps, Martello also developed "Go Tribe" t-shirts.

But in the past 20-some years, he's turned his attention to developing natural enzyme cleaners.

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