World Series Game 6 tickets could fetch for $4,000

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MEDINA, Ohio -- The first five games of the 2016 World Series have been good to Scott Merk, owner of Merks Tickets in Medina.

Game 6 will be a money maker, too, but the shelf life on Tuesday night tickets is considerably shorter given the game was never a certainty, and that will affect prices.

Merk told Fox 8's Lorrie Taylor he might have to charge less than he'd like to for tickets, given there's not enough time to hold out for a better price.

"You have a date and it expires, you can't save it for next week," said Merk.

Standing room only seats that cost $900 last week were expected to drop as low as $600 for Game 6.

Merk said anything in the lower-level that was going for $5,000 during the first three games might go for closer to $4,000 in Game 6.

"You have a very small window for clients coming in from out of town or people making reservations for hotels or people taking clients.  They have to call them Monday morning: 'Hey, would you like to go? We know its for sure now.' "

As deals go, Game 6 seats aren't exactly door busters.  Tickets originally priced at $300 will be going for the not-so-low price of $4,000; and wait until you hear what a Game 7 ticket might bring.

Merk told Taylor he expected a seat for $4,000 to $5,000 in Game 6 to fetch closer to $7,000 the last night of the World Series.

"If they go to Game 7, it's uncharted waters for us.  Game 7 at home, clinching in front of the home crowd, against the Cubs ... it's the perfect storm if you're in the ticket industry, I guess."

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